"EXCELLENT Product, I've been in a horrible car accident a year ago broke 6 ribs and fractured my pelvis in two places, it definitely helps with my pain. As well helps with mental suffering as I suffer from P.T.S.D.  I'll be keeping in touch with, Marijuanamaniacs."

Adrian Johnson  - Goscarefxstudios





"Oh man, I put a teaspoon of the coconut oil on toast with jam and not only did it taste delicious, it sent to me to the moon and back! Took a couple of hours to feel anything but then my body started to relax and the day's stress melted away.....My advise for edible newbies is to take it easy with this stuff!"  

S. Lanster - Edmonton, AB

"To all who are thinking of purchasing this product I can assure you that product shown is product received...And it tastes absolutely fabulous..x2 tbls and I was nice and relaxed while on air..."

www.revolutionxradio.ca - Sturgeon Falls, ON

"First off I’d like to say that I’ve known Jamie for about 25 years. In all that time I’ve known him to be a stand-up individual! I had back surgery in mid-may and that gave me a lot of time to smoke a lot of weed (10g /day) and I am the worst person in the world right now to take any kind of edibles . My tolerance is through the roof. I tried a tablespoon right out of the jar. Nothing. Tried it again the next day, nothing.  To me, this was not the best way to consume it. It is not the greatest tasting. I made some no bake cookies that were 18 mg thc per piece. I ate six (108mg) maybe 5 days after my 2nd attempt at eating the oil and seven (126mg) about 10 days after that. I could have driven easily either time . I never got more than a pleasant high. Might have lasted an hour or two. It also didn’t stop me from smoking more. Again, my situation at the time is certainly not the norm.
I have said to Jamie that I look forward to January 2020 when I go back to work and my tolerance starts to lessen. At that time I will be able to fully  enjoy the product, as other people I know have."

Lee M. - Edmonton, AB

"I deal with anxiety and perimenopause. These two are the perfect combination  for sleep deprivation. Being a light user, I take 1/2 a tsp of this coconut oil an hour before going to bed, and I honestly can now sleep 7hrs straight. Since I’m rested, I’ve been more productive and less stressed during the day. Great product!

I “highly” recommend!!!!"

Barbra Grondin - Edmonston, NB